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Johann Bessler aka Orffyreus

This is the number one site for all things to do Bessler/Orffyreus. His biography and his four books are all available from here and include English translations

I publish the results of my work on deciphering Johann Bessler�s code, found in his published book, Apologia Poetica, and in particular Chapter 55, on my web site at This site is often updated as and when new information is discovered.

I have placed a large amount of additional information concerning Bessler�s Code on another web site at This site includes all the information concerning Bessler�s code that I have found so far, in all of his four publications as well as elsewhere.

My website at contains some considerations on how gravity could power Bessler�s wheel and also some more speculative interpretations on particular pieces of coded information Bessler left for us.

Bessler�s remarkable windmill which he was building when he fell to his death is on sale for one EURO! Unfortunately a condition of sale is that any buyer has to spend at least one million Euros on renovating the building! You can see photos of the remains of it here at

I made a video about Orffyreus on youtube, you can see it by clicking on 

Keep up to date on my progress towards reconstructing Bessler�s wheel by visiting my blog at

�Perpetual Motion; An Ancient Mystery Solved?� - the complete biography of Johann Bessler, aka Orffyreus, by John Collins, is available now, from this web site, in both paperback and digital format.

�Maschinen Tractate�, �Apologia Poetica�, �Grundlicher Bericht� and �Das Triumphirende� are four books originally written and published by Johann Bessler. Copies of them are available with full English translations from this web site, in both hard copy and, digital PDF files.

All digital books from this site �5. or about $8 each.

Johann Ernst Elias Bessler also known as Orffyreus

The incredible Legend of Bessler�s Wheel, also known as Orffyreus� Wheel, has been recounted several times over the years but most accounts rely on previous attempts to tell his story and this has resulted in mistakes and inaccuracies being compounded to the point that it is difficult to know what is true and what is myth. When poetic licence is added to the list, as is true of one well-known account, the facts of the story become so confusing that most people believe that the whole thing was a myth.small_Bessler_portrait

The best account of the facts of Johann Bessler�s life originally appeared in 1928 in a collection of unexplained facts, written and researched by Lieut.-Commander Rupert T. Gould, famous for his work on the history and development of the marine chronometer made by John Harrison. It was this book, based on actual historical documents, which set me on the trail of Bessler and resulted, some thirty years or more later, in my own self-publication of �Perpetual Motion; An Ancient Mystery Solved?�

My book details everything that I found about Johann Bessler and his wheel from thirty years of research. I obtained records from Germany, France, Russia, Italy, the U.S.A and England and translated documents in four languages into English. I spent hundreds of hours reading documents, sifting through letters, studying old records and searching the major libraries of the world to try to get to the truth and everything relevant was included in my book.

I first posted this web site in 1997 and at that time the name �Orffyreus� generated just one result in any search engines of the time. Now it finds about 14000, and so I feel that I have brought the world�s attention to this remarkable man. In these worrying times of global warming, possibly due to carbon pollution; the rapidly diminishing oil reserves and the search for a cheap, clean, alternative energy source, I find it remarkable and frustrating that there appears to be a viable solution to all these problems, namely Bessler�s wheel, but no one is taking any real notice. Those who are taking notice, are, like myself, lone voices in the wilderness. It�s time to sit up and take notice.

Taken a face value, Johann Bessler appears to have solved the problem of using gravity directly, as a continuous source of energy. Eyewitness accounts in both letters and certificates provide excellent circumstantial evidence that the man was genuine and his own writings ring with the sound of conviction. The great Gottfried Liebniz was convinced that the machine was genuine, so why are we ignoring this extraordinary machine?

The truth is that we believe that machines which rely on gravity as a source of energy violate the laws of physics. That is what we have been taught, but suppose that we were wrong. What if it were possible to interpret the laws in a slightly different way and recognise in a local situations certain effects might be read differently.

Surely if the empirical evidence is convincing we should take another look at Bessler�s wheel to see if it might be possible reconstruct it and make it work without bending those laws upon which we depend?

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