Johann Besslerís Gravity Wheel

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Chapter One

Perpetual Motion defined - a brief history of Perpetual Motion - The legend of Johann Bessler and his machines - scientific opinion in the  18th Century - current scientific opinion - ongoing research - the Patent Office's reaction to Perpetual Motion both historically and currently - why Bessler's machine could not have been faked - information sources  used to obtain new information - the clues that led to the formation of a theory of conspiracy against Bessler.

Chapter Two

An account of Bessler's life taken from his own writings - his early childhood - his adventures and how they led to his desire to discover the secret  of Perpetual Motion - his years of failure and the tremendous efforts he made to succeed in his quest - his eventual success.

Chapter Three

The first exhibition of his perpetual Motion machine - his enemies and their reactions to his claims - his attempts to have his claims validated -early tests carried out.

Chapter Four

The letters of Gottfried Leibniz and Christian Wolff - their interest  in Bessler's claims - their suggestions as to how best to test the machine - the Gera test and the witnesses.

Chapter Five

The second test at Merseburg - the examiners and their credentials - the actions of Bessler's enemies and their attempts to discredit him.

Chapter Six

Karl the Landgrave of Hesse - how he became Bessler's patron - a brief biography and character assessment - the arrangement between him and Bessler.

Chapter Seven

Sir Isaac Newton's part in the story - the letters written to him by Professor 'sGravesand and Baron Fischer von Erlach - his reaction - the motives of Newton's assistant, Dr. Desaguliers - the curious facts behind the  publication of 'sGravesand's letter . The feud between Newton and Leibniz.

Chapter Eight

Peter the Great, Czar of Russia - his attempts to buy the Bessler machine  - the men who represented him - their length and informative reports on Johann Bessler and his machine - the cruel irony that prevented Peter  from succeeding in purchasing the perpetual motion machine - why they failed in their negotiations.

Chapter Nine

John Rowley, Master of Mechanics to King George 1 - a brief biography  - how he became involved in the Bessler legend - his credentials as an expert witness - the reaction of his peers to his support for Bessler  - his belief in the machine - his attempts to discover Bessler's secret  - his £1000,000 company to develop Bessler's machine.

Chapter Ten

Bessler's arrest and subsequent public disgrace - the continued support  of all those who had actually witnessed the tests - an examination of  the accusations and of those who made them - why he was arrested and released without charge.

Chapter Eleven

Bessler's pseudonym was Orffyreus - why he chose this name - clues left  behind to indicate that a secret message lay waiting to be deciphered - where those clues lie - what that secret would reveal - the details  of the hidden code - other codes available to the inventor - the inventor's final years - how he never stopped protesting his innocence - how all  his subsequent inventions were related to his initial perpetual motion machine - the sad circumstances of his death.

Chapter Twelve
Why Bessler's machine did not violate the laws of physics. A close examination of all the machines he exhibited and how they provide clues to their motive power - an explanation through argument and analogy of why his machine was genuine. The general principle in physics which allows his machine  to work.

Chapter Thirteen

Why we need Bessler's wheel today. Where it can be used. Probable reactions  of various industrial concerns to the discovery of Bessler's secret -  why they need have no fear.

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