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The best forum on free energy is, in my opinion. to be found at


But if you have a design for a gravitywheel/perpetual motion machine and you don’t have the means to build it, why not contact www.arrache.org . They offer the following information on their web site:-

“‘Arrache’ Enterprise represents a leading collaboration in the research and development of utilizing gravity as an enhanced energy force.

Our mission is to aggressively pursue the concept that energy can be captured from gravity, a renewable force which is recognized as ‘conservative’.

Our history is short, It is formed from the collaboration of three people joining forces, exchanging ideas, promoting innovation and incentive for research and development. Our research is accomplished by ‘hands on’ physical application where more is discovered by accident than any simulation software is capable of.

We are a recognized company licensed by the cooperate commission in the state of Oregon USA.”


www besslerrad.de is a German website about Johann Bessler. Although the inventor was born in Germany he is almost unknown in his own country. The German historians and physicists ignore him or hush up his invention.

www.freeenergynews.com/news an excellent free energy news source. See also a review of my book ‘Perpetual Motion, An Ancient mystery Solved?’ at http://pesn.com/2006/06/27/9500287_Bessler_gravity_documentation/

Besslerwheel.com. This is the best website for all things Bessler and has an excellent Bessler discussion forum!

Orffyre.com. The best source for accurate information and access to the digitised Maschinen Tractate drawings. about Bessler.

Keelynet For information and discussions about Free Energy, Alternative Health and Gravity Control.

Conservative Force Field Converter. Øystein Rustad's site. Another one full of interesting ideas about Johann Bessler.

tampabay.rr.com All about about Asa Jackson's wheel and you can buy the book with full detailed CAD drawings of all the parts.

http://www.cybrtown.com/~mike/frames More about Bessler, Asa Jackson and Coral castle.

http://www.infinite-energy.com/ Infinite Energy website the Cold Fusion site.

The Institute for New Energy. Everything you could possibly want to know about alternative energy research.

Alfred Evert's site A valiant attempt to solve Bessler's wheel.

www.freeenergy.ca An interesting and informative source for alternative energy information and up to date news.

Also more Bessler at







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